Thank you for visiting the home page of the Nippon Seibukan Academy International (NSAI) and U.S.A. Branch.

The Nippon Seibukan Academy is an international martial arts organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of traditional Japanese and Okinawan budo and bujutsu throughout the world. The Nippon Seibukan Academy, in turn, is a member of the Zen Nihon Sogo Budo Renmei (SoBuRen), a multi-art umbrella federation consisting of over 20 martial arts groups in the Kansai region.

Important Disclaimer: The “Nippon Seibukan Academy” should not be confused with the “Dai Nippon Seibukan Budo/Bugei Kai” or “Seibukan USA” of which Mr. George Parulski is the International Director.


To preserve and teach the traditional martial arts of Japan and Okinawa. We strive to accomplish this in an environment free of intimidation, politics, and other distractions. We further seek to foster a spirit of fellowship and understanding, welcoming all like-minded individuals, regardless of race, gender, ethnic background, religion, national origin, or physical handicap.


Nippon Seibukan Academy – U.S.A. Branch
Attn: Andrew Bryant, Chief Administrative Officer
7110 Indian Lake Boulevard West
Indianapolis, Indiana 46236 USA
(317) 730-2423

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